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Transitions, the subtleties of change
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Transitions, the subtleties of change

Transitions: the paradox of change



“Transitions” a solo show by Colombian artist Carlos Delgado, and in partnership with Sur Gallery, explores the emotional experiences we go through when faced with a big change in our life. The subtle, the overt and the paradoxical. 


December 06, 2018. 6 pm - 11 pm

Sur Gallery, 39 Queens Quay East # 100, Toronto, Canada.

Private Viewing: Available by appointment

December 5, 10 am - 2pm

December 6, 12 - 6pm

Change can be messy, it can be exciting and it can be hard. Carlos's portraits capture the mixture of these emotions many of us are experiencing almost daily in our quickly changing world. Known for his abstract portraits “Faces of the System,” which translate our human experience through vivid, strong and organic process of paint layering, Carlos Delgado is taking a new direction in this series of “Transitions”. Through the mixing of the soft and the bold techniques of portrait painting, the pieces give voice to the often times contradictory and conflicting emotions experienced during a time of change.

“I think there is so much that can be captured in a person’s expression and the slightest change or movement of their face can say so much.” Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado is a Toronto based, Colombian artist with an international following, who has shown his work in over 7 countries and has collectors in Australia, throughout the UK and Europe, South America and Asia, as well as major cities across the USA and Canada. Locally he has been recognized through various grants and awards with Toronto Arts Council, Toronto Arts Foundation, Canada Arts Council and as former artist in residence at Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. His portraits have also been taken to large scale murals in projects such as Underground Park and Union Station Revitalization Project.

“The hidden portions of each individual's life are laid bare in Carlos' work. These are painfully beautiful pieces with which I feel a great affinity. His palette is rich and vibrant, urging an emotional attachment and excitement. I could never grow tired of losing myself in it, Carlos is a masterful talent.” – private collector

Sur Gallery is Toronto's first gallery space dedicated to the implementation of art projects, which showcase and promote contemporary Latin American artistic practices. Initiatives are aimed to socially innovate, critically engage, lending itself to opportunities of national relevance in order to begin to develop global networks of exchange. Sur Gallery is a project of LACAP.

“Transitions” will be shown for one night only. Public reception is December 6, 2018 from

Contact: Carlos Delgado


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