Notes from the Artist's Canvas; finding my artistic voice / by Carlos Delgado

Recently I have been watching a show called The Chef's Table and listening about the creative and artistic process of some of the worlds' greatest chefs, which has gotten me thinking about my process as an artist, and in a sense my story. 

I have been doing art since I was little, winning my first art competition when I was 13 with a drawing that I did for my mom. In a way I always knew that art was part of my self-expression, my way of connecting to the world and my way of translating the world. As life came about with it's challenges when I started to study design in university I had to stop it. I did not get back to the brush for another 8 years. Moving to Canada now almost 7 years ago, art took the center stage again in my life because that is what I came to do, to do art. When I first came I had the expectation that I should be painting "Canadian" art, or art with strong Canadian themes and features since this is where I was and so was my new market. That I needed to paint stories and themes typically Canadian. I quickly realized that this is not who I am. Other people expected me to be a "Latin American" artist and using typical themes, images and colour palettes found within Latin America. I also realized this is now who I am. With my recent work of Being Human in the System and Faces of The System I had an artistic transformation in truly bringing to the canvas that who I am, a universal artist. 

Every day I take risks, because if I don't, I don't create. If I don't take risks on my canvas, I stay within pre-determined expectations of what my art should be rather than creating art that is something that no matter the place, age, gender, culture or experience people can relate to, connect to, get something from, truly making it universal.