Artist first

Last month I wrapped up my third Artist Project, Toronto’s biggest contemporary art fair for independent artists. During the show, I had 100+ people come up to me saying they follow me on Instagram or on Facebook and wanted to come meet me in person and see the art in person.

This got me thinking a lot to how the art world is and the role that an independent artist has in today’s art world. I remember a few years back people talking about the Artist Project as a great way to be seen by potential galleries and get representation, but as the years go by, I notice that more artists now use the platform as a way to really connect with their clients.

Artist Project 2018

Artist Project 2018

I have always been an artist who has loved connecting with the people who follow my work, buy my work and collect my work. I will always go out of my way to meet my clients and connect with them. I have even traveled across the Atlantic to visit some of my clients, stayed in their homes, been invited for dinners, family events. On Instagram, I always make the effort to connect with people who take the time to appreciate the work that I do. I have met some amazing people this way, some I had a chance to meet in person and others who have even inspired some of my work through our conversations.

I think this connection with clients is something that I deeply value in my art practice and something that I look for when working with a gallery. I have been lucky to work with some galleries who I feel understand this artist client relationship and have actually encouraged it in their flexibility, sharing of my artistic process and all in all creating an open welcoming space.

Photo from solo show at Galleri Lohme 2 years ago

Photo from solo show at Galleri Lohme 2 years ago

One of such galleries is Galleri Lohme in Sweden. Recently they took this understanding to a whole new level by creating an online course for artists to learn how to run their own business called Artist First, helping artists build a stronger brand and connection with their clients and be successful doing what they love.

If you are also an artist, check out Galleri Lohme’s course here.

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When I first started... looking back

A few years ago I started to feel like I was on to something in my new style by breaking free from what I called "cut and paste" art into letting things come from the inside (so not from photos). 

I did a little video with a help of my friend and fellow artist Alex Usquiano Here is a little look back to a few years ago when I started experimenting with abstract concepts and lines in my work. Perhaps it is time for a new video :) 


If you ever see me outside of the studio you will usually see me with sketchbook in hand doing some sketches. I have been doing these for a while without sharing too much, but this year decided it was time to include in my body of work. 
Below is a compilation of some of my selected drawings and sketches. To view more (where i also regularly update them) go HERE  

To purchase sketches please get in contact with me directly.