Art; The Celebration

The only secret I have is damned hard work
— Turner

An artist's journey is often times one of discovery, learnings, failures and successes. I think this becomes even more true for an artist who is self-taught and who has had to form and often times find his or her own way in both artistic style and means of expression. This has definitely been true for me.

Since coming to Canada seven years ago I had tried out many different styles of painting, from realistic to landscapes to abstract, while at the same time figuring out where is the best avenue for my art. About four years ago one of those experimentation gave birth to a series now called Being Human in the System. Out of this series I found my voice and have since then let that voice guide me to mature as an artist, as a professional and as a person. The current work with Faces of the System has been an evolution of this voice. 

Over the last four years art has given me a life I never imagined, allowing me to connect with people from all walks of life and from all around the world. I have sent my works to collectors and art lovers across almost all continents and have received the kind of support which makes one get up every day with even deeper commitment and passion to keep creating. Art has also allowed me to live and work as a full time artist and provide for me and my family through my brush. Many years ago when I had to stop doing art for many years due to financial hardships I never thought I would be in this position where I can say that I feel blessed to be a full time artist, doing what I love and getting paid for it. There truly is no greater joy in life than knowing that what you love is what also inspires your life and gives you the access point to a life in which you can give more and share more. I am a believer that in life we must first give and it is out of this belief that I ran my first event called Art; The Celebration.  I wanted to give back and say thanks to all of those in my immediate environment who have supported me and who continue to believe in my work and in me, giving me the energy to keep creating and giving back. 

More events will be coming in the future, because as art gives me blessings, I give those blessings back to others and the unviverse. We are all connected and when we build bridges based on that connection and giving we build a better world. I feel blessed to be able to do my part via my paint brush. 

Photos by Ksenija Hotic