When live painting becomes story telling.....the message behind the event! / by Carlos Delgado

I have been doing live painting for all kind of events for over 3 years now.  Everything from private parties to corporate staff events, client appreciations, product launches, fundraisers, even festivals and sport events like FIFA and Pan AM Games. Recently I had taken a little break from doing live painting to re-assess my relationship to the experience of creating art in an entertainment context. Taking a break to look back I have realized that live art is so much more than entertainment at an event.  Live art gives the artist the opportunity to capture the energy, the story of the event, it's people, it's message and translate all of this through a visual image. This image then becomes part of the experience for the people having the experience. 

When I looked back through my gallery of images I realized that each event was so unique, so different. Each event had a different story and this story is what fascinates me as an artist. How do we translate our environment and our experience of our environment in such a way that the observer becomes part of the experience itself while still sharing the collective story of that experience?  My most recent experience painting at Mississauga Latin Festival really brought this point home. 

"Peace" painted live at Mississauga Latin Festival 

I was inspired to paint within my style of raw canvas and black paint in a loose sketchy style as a way to tell the story of peace in Latin America, most especially in my home country Colombia which recently signed it's first peace agreement after 50 years of war. The girl in the image represent peace, the notion we all try to understand and desire to have, but which gets so challenging to attain due to so many different interests and hate due to the past.

After I painted this piece someone who came from a different region of the world (one also experiencing conflict) told me they teared up upon seeing it because it was so reflective of their country's experience with peace. This moment made it really clear to me the powerful role live painting plays as a way of sharing our collective stories, connecting with each other and understanding our shared experience. 

So, whether that is about something as emotionally complex as peace, or something as emotionally charged as the devotion and pride of being a fan at the Toronto Raptors Fan Zone where I painted the below image, every event has a unique experience to share with me, with each other and with anyone who views the artwork, and for me this is one of the best parts of doing live painting. 

Here is a small gallery of some pieces from last three years and the experience and stories captured through live painting. 

This piece was created at a live painting event at the SFC Eatery in the financial district to bring awareness around Earth Week. I wanted to highlight our responsibility of passing on a healthy world to our children and teaching them from when they are young. 

The finished large scale piece was painted at the opening reception of Pan Am Games in Toronto and brought to life the diversity, pride and athleticism in Canadian sports and the national pride and support of a country behind it's athletes.

At a Christmas staff party for the developer Streetcar, there was no better way to capture the company's and staff's commitment to city of Toronto and creation of living spaces which become communities than through this painting. 

This was painted in a painting competition for the launch of City of Toronto's and Public Health new condoms during the Pan Am Games. This piece sought not only to capture the feeling of the condom wrapper to the right but to the common themes of right for equality in sports and sexual health. 

At one of my first live painting events, a group of really cool people threw together the best birthday party I have ever seen for a close friend of theirs and this piece captured his personality and the feel of the whole party. 

This live painting piece was created over two days for Construct Canada Trade Show, capturing the passion for the growth of this city, so common to the experience of individuals working in this industry. 

This live painting piece was created over two days for Construct Canada Trade Show, capturing the passion for the growth of this city, so common to the experience of individuals working in this industry. 

Painted at a conference focusing on diversity, inclusion and tackling racism, this painting was in honour of all of the people across the world who experience exclusion, inequality and racism in their daily lives, with a special focus on the worlds' refugees and their experience. 

The soft nostalgic feeling of this painting was to capture the hard experience of Alzheimer's, both on the person who has it and it's surrounding family. When memory becomes distant it slips into a state of nostalgia. This was painted in benefit of the Memory Ball, Ontario Alzheimer's Society Fundraising Event. 

Painting live at a wine tasting group. This piece captured the experience not only of the event but of the elegance and passion with which the wine group share the love of wine with it's members.

For a full gallery of my live painting images and the clients that I have been honoured to work with, please feel free to visit my LIVE ART page on my website. 

Source: storiesofliveart