Expanding the boundaries of live painting / by Carlos Delgado

For the last few years now I have been doing commercial live painting at events. It has been quite a rewarding experience that has introduced me to a lot of new and interesting people, seen many interesting things and had an opportunity to contribute creatively to many different events. I have been fortunate to paint live at many diverse events from private business events, public events such as Pan Am Games and Culture Days, and fundraisers like the most recent one with Toronto Arts Foundation and City of Toronto's Mayor.  I enjoy the challenges of creating a customized piece in a short time frame while having an opportunity to meet people and include them in the creative process.

However, lately I have been thinking how it would be interesting to take the live art interaction into a performance genre. A few months ago at a friend's dance performance I ran into a friend (also a dancer), Mateo Gilando Torres and we got to talking. I am happy to announce that we are working together to bring together visual arts, especially live painting, together with dance into a full  performance piece called "I:Variations" which will be presented by Form Contemporary Dance Theatre. 

Description of the piece


I:Variations is a solo created and performed by Mateo Gilando Torres with visual artist Carlos Delgado. The work explores the multiple realities that can coexist within one individual, and how these realities shift and mould through time according to circumstances and experiences. Carlos' live painting will reflect back the layers of Mateo's consciousness seen and unseen. Greg Harrison will be composing the music for the piece.

I wanted to share with you some recent photos from our rehearsal. Our piece will be presented in January in Burlington and February in Toronto. (all the details at the end of post). 

To help with the production and creation of this piece Form Contemporary Theatre is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign HERE. Feel free to visit it, share it and support in any way you would like and hopefully we'll see you in Burlington or Toronto to be part of this new exploration in interdisciplinary way of using and creating live art. Because as I always say, if you are afraid to take risks, why do art. For me art is always about trying out something new and not having any fears. 

Perfomance Dates

BURLINGTON : January 14, 2017 at Burlington Performing Arts Centre

TORONTO:  February 2, 3, 4, 2017 at 7pm at The Citadel