The special connection / by Carlos Delgado

As an artist one of the things that I love the most and that inspires me the most is when someone feels a connection to one of my pieces. I have found that when I have my art in a show or in my studio and someone is standing in front of it and looking at it, they can make this connection. What has been fascinating me as an artist is selling art online and the idea that someone can have a connection just by looking at a photo online. When I first sold a piece online in the UK I did not think it was for real, but since then I have sold pieces to UK, Australia, US and China and each time the feedback I get from my clients is of a profound connection. Same kind of connection as I hear from my clients who purchased a painting standing in front of it. This has thought me just how powerful art really is and it humbles me each day as an artist to keep creating and letting this medium tell stories. I am grateful to all people who support my work and my process no matter where they may be. 

I wanted to share with you here some pieces that I have been fortunate enough to share with people overseas through my online art platform Art Finder. The pieces are shown here from the most recent to the first one. If you want to check out my full store on Art Finder or more about the platform, you can follow this link. 

This is my second purchase from Carlos, and I’m pleased to say I’m every bit as delighted with this painting as I was with the first. I find both pieces honest, soulful and playful in ways that never cease to fascinate. The colours in this piece are especially enjoyable, and the bonus sketch was very much appreciated. If I could give more than 5 stars for this artist and this work I would. I am very glad to have found such a talented artist, and I look forward to following your work in future.
— Kate
The minute I set my eye on this work I knew that I would love owning it. On receiving the paintings I stood in awe ... I got exactly what I was expecting. I absolutely LOVE them. There is that initial surface beauty that hits you and then the more I looked the more I appreciated what I saw - and I mean this in more than just the visual
— Fatima
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