Beyond limits by Carlos Delgado

In the last two days I had two very warming experience that have shown me just how powerful art is to bring people together regardless of distance, geography and age. 


A young collector (of just 16 years) old contacted me to come see my work. I did not know he was a collector until he came to my studio. I asked him if he was a student of art and his reply was "no, I am an art collector". For me this moment was so wonderful because it was so great to see someone that young understand how powerful art can be and choose to invest in it and value it (way beyond the material). It left me feeling very inspired by the way art is such a powerfully personal experience and how we can all connect to the creative energy in are own way. 

The next day, I had a client who has previously purchased some of my pieces come over to my studio to pick up two more pieces. The client is from UK and I thought he was here for business and wanted to come pick them up personally and meet. It turned out he came just to meet me, see the art and pick it up. He came one day and left the next. I was left without words by the deep emotion of gratitude and humbleness for his support and energy. 

For me, art has always been about more than just creating art. It has always been about connecting with people through my art and in person. Having these two beautiful experiences with two of my clients, collectors and supporters was a touching experience that just showed me the real beauty of art and it is the human connection that we all share. 

Here with both of my clients...

Here with both of my clients...

Every day art process by Carlos Delgado

It took me 4 years to realize that for me it is not about creating a specific  artistic aesthetic, rather it is just about my personal expression and the process of using creativity to say something. I want to share with you two short videos of painting and drawing and how I usually start the process. 

2017 has started with experimentation of new backgrounds and colours and below are just some of my new finished pieces. To see all the new stuff that I have been doing feel free to visit the Faces of the System Gallery or follow me on Instagram where I post all of my processes and finished pieces while getting a chance to interact with people ( a part I really love about the creative process, making the connections with others) 

Beyond the Canvas by Carlos Delgado

I have always felt that artists of our time have the social responsibility to use art not to just reflect the world around them but to engage the world around them in that reflection. This is why I was so happy to be awarded (together with Pathways to Education) this years Community Arts Grant by Toronto Arts Council. This grant allowed us to create a program of almost 5 months that allowed a group of grade 9 students to use sneaker art and installation to tell their stories of the world around them. 

As the workshops progressed we decided the shoes were a symbol of who we each were individually and the students had the creative freedom in designing something that spoke to them and represented them. We wanted the installation to be a reflection of the community of Regent Park and what that community means to them. Originally we were planning on doing an installation with recycled art found within the community, but near the end of our program a young man who was just 18 years old was shot and killed in the community. This had an effect on the whole community and we decided to use art as a way to offer healing and respect. The panels hung behind the shoes became a language of support which youth filled with words describing the community and showing that Regent Park is a wonderful, loving and caring community. The shoes were hung in the shape of the heart in honor of the young man that was killed and to remind everyone of the power of love over hate. The installation was placed in the Daniel Spectrum, a hub of arts and creativity in Regent Park as part of February Black History Month Celebrations. 


Thank you to Pathways to Education, Toronto Arts Council, Daniel Spectrum and Si Vous Play Sports for making this project a reality. 

Big year, big art, big thank you! by Carlos Delgado

Wow what a year. I could not have imagined a year like this and I could not have done it without the support of all of the people who constantly support my work in many different ways. One thing I learned this year is that with a lot of hard work and dedication you can create more than you can even imagine. Even in the low points of this year (and there were some quite low points) all I did was each day go into the studio and work, paint, create. Never stop. It has been so wonderful to see how this dedication and hard work has allowed me to pull out of the low points and create art that people react to, love and purchase all around the world. The other thing I learned is just how much I love creating art which people connect to and it has been pure honour to be able to share that across Canada, US, UK and even as far as Australia, China and Singapore.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my artistic processes and artworks this year, whether that is through a purchase of artwork, commission for a contract, an email, message or text to just tell me what you like about the art or even just a like on a photo on social media. All of these mean a lot and give me energy every day to work even harder. 

I am ending the year with another "new beginning". I have been working with the portraits extensively this year doing a lot studies and smaller pieces. I am now ready to move into bigger size work and end the year with this piece. Looking forward to coming back in 2017 to create more and keep exploring. Wishing everyone a great new year and remember; if you believe in what you do and you work hard at it, the fruits of your labour will be more beautiful than you can imagine.

Here is to an amazing 2017 for all!!

Feel free to view my little video holiday message below.

Expanding the boundaries of live painting by Carlos Delgado

For the last few years now I have been doing commercial live painting at events. It has been quite a rewarding experience that has introduced me to a lot of new and interesting people, seen many interesting things and had an opportunity to contribute creatively to many different events. I have been fortunate to paint live at many diverse events from private business events, public events such as Pan Am Games and Culture Days, and fundraisers like the most recent one with Toronto Arts Foundation and City of Toronto's Mayor.  I enjoy the challenges of creating a customized piece in a short time frame while having an opportunity to meet people and include them in the creative process.

However, lately I have been thinking how it would be interesting to take the live art interaction into a performance genre. A few months ago at a friend's dance performance I ran into a friend (also a dancer), Mateo Gilando Torres and we got to talking. I am happy to announce that we are working together to bring together visual arts, especially live painting, together with dance into a full  performance piece called "I:Variations" which will be presented by Form Contemporary Dance Theatre. 

Description of the piece


I:Variations is a solo created and performed by Mateo Gilando Torres with visual artist Carlos Delgado. The work explores the multiple realities that can coexist within one individual, and how these realities shift and mould through time according to circumstances and experiences. Carlos' live painting will reflect back the layers of Mateo's consciousness seen and unseen. Greg Harrison will be composing the music for the piece.

I wanted to share with you some recent photos from our rehearsal. Our piece will be presented in January in Burlington and February in Toronto. (all the details at the end of post). 

To help with the production and creation of this piece Form Contemporary Theatre is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign HERE. Feel free to visit it, share it and support in any way you would like and hopefully we'll see you in Burlington or Toronto to be part of this new exploration in interdisciplinary way of using and creating live art. Because as I always say, if you are afraid to take risks, why do art. For me art is always about trying out something new and not having any fears. 

Perfomance Dates

BURLINGTON : January 14, 2017 at Burlington Performing Arts Centre

TORONTO:  February 2, 3, 4, 2017 at 7pm at The Citadel

The special connection by Carlos Delgado

As an artist one of the things that I love the most and that inspires me the most is when someone feels a connection to one of my pieces. I have found that when I have my art in a show or in my studio and someone is standing in front of it and looking at it, they can make this connection. What has been fascinating me as an artist is selling art online and the idea that someone can have a connection just by looking at a photo online. When I first sold a piece online in the UK I did not think it was for real, but since then I have sold pieces to UK, Australia, US and China and each time the feedback I get from my clients is of a profound connection. Same kind of connection as I hear from my clients who purchased a painting standing in front of it. This has thought me just how powerful art really is and it humbles me each day as an artist to keep creating and letting this medium tell stories. I am grateful to all people who support my work and my process no matter where they may be. 

I wanted to share with you here some pieces that I have been fortunate enough to share with people overseas through my online art platform Art Finder. The pieces are shown here from the most recent to the first one. If you want to check out my full store on Art Finder or more about the platform, you can follow this link. 

This is my second purchase from Carlos, and I’m pleased to say I’m every bit as delighted with this painting as I was with the first. I find both pieces honest, soulful and playful in ways that never cease to fascinate. The colours in this piece are especially enjoyable, and the bonus sketch was very much appreciated. If I could give more than 5 stars for this artist and this work I would. I am very glad to have found such a talented artist, and I look forward to following your work in future.
— Kate
The minute I set my eye on this work I knew that I would love owning it. On receiving the paintings I stood in awe ... I got exactly what I was expecting. I absolutely LOVE them. There is that initial surface beauty that hits you and then the more I looked the more I appreciated what I saw - and I mean this in more than just the visual
— Fatima
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The Constant Movement, Being Human in the System at Union Station by Carlos Delgado

This September 29, 2016 I had the honour of painting a mural with Ontario Culture Days for the opening of the three day festival. It was the fist time that I took my series Being Human in the System into a public space, especially a public space with such movement, where we are always going, moving, being part of our man made systems. It was also the first time that I did Being Human in the System on large scale. 

The response from people was amazing, a lot of people stopped, watched and I think found a little bit of something relatable in the work. Since then I have seen many people post this photo on social media sites with their own interpretation of what the work means to them and this brings me great joy. As an artist I love when my art inspires people to create their own story and project that story into the artwork, truly making it a part of them. 

I wanted to share here below a gallery of the process and a video that captures the feeling of Constant Movement! 

The capacity of the human being to stay strong in the system, being human in the system.

When live painting becomes story telling.....the message behind the event! by Carlos Delgado

What role does live art play in an event? What stories does an event have which can come to life through live art? As a live artist these questions fascinate me and challenge me as I explore them in this blog about art outside of the entertainment box but within an entertainment setting. 

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Where it all started by Carlos Delgado

My artistic journey has been one of many ups and downs and even long breaks. Since I was little art was a part of my life and I was lucky enough to have parents, especially my father, recognize something in all of my sketches and doodles, which often caused me to be scolded by my elementary teachers for "ruining" all of my notebooks. For the last few years living in Canada I have been lucky to be able to give myself fully to my art and create a full time career out of it. This is why it was so special for me to hold my first solo show (in a commercial gallery) back home in Colombia where my family and my parents could come and for the first time see my work in such a professional context. 

I want to say thank you to all of my family and friends for support and for Gallery Carlos Drew Castro in Pereira at the Institute for Culture and Tourism in Colombia for inviting me to show my series Being Human in the System at such a beautiful space in the Museum of the Institute for Culture and Tourism. Below is a small selection of photos from the opening night which opened up with a large scale 7 ' x 12' live painting of one of my biggest Being Human in the System pieces yet. 

Photo credit by Alejandro Neira